Quadrant’s engineering shines in analyzing the structural rigidity and thermal characteristics of the products developed using advanced simulation techniques. Through Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), we enable more effective, easier and cost-effective product design and development cycles. The simulation service analyses the behavior of components and products when subjected to structural, static, dynamic, and fatigue loads; and how it performs when subjected to wind, seismic, thermal load, vibrations, and different fluid dynamic interactions. Quadrant’s simulation team provides deep insight into the product performance over its complete operational life.

FEA and CFD simulation finds potential flaws within the design phase and optimized effectively to reduce after service and maintenance issues, minimize prototyping and testing phase and meet the required regulations. Quadrant engineering has the skills, expertise and all necessary tools to analyze and solve intricate engineering problems in various systems. Our advanced analysis methods and approach ensure every facet of the product and system is analyzed in detail to ensure the product meets the required safety standards.

Finite Element Analysis

We offer a wide range of Finite Element Analysis services for various industries to tackle complex challenges in finding the products’ functionality and efficiency. FEA allows our clients to…

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Computational Fluid Dynamics

Throughout the entire course of product development, Quadrant Engineering helps analyze the fluid interaction behavior within the products/components, and identify the best ways to optimize…

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Kinematics and Multibody Dynamics

Quadrant Engineering has gained exposure to a wide variety of applications for multibody dynamics (MBD) and has found that the commonly used rigid-body assumption is extremely…

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Fatigue, Fracture and Life Cycle Analysis

Quadrant Engineering can evaluate structural and composite members when subjected to fatigue loads. The products are subjected to cyclic loads from dynamic motion, which will be in prolonged action…

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