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Our years of experience working with various clientele has armed us with the ability to deeply understand the product design challenges in defining design requirements and specifications, materials selection, industry standards depending on the location, and the cost constraints. Being stalwarts in the industry, our design specialists and CAD engineers excel in creating lightweight yet strong products within the agreed timeline at an affordable cost.

Advanced Product Design Expertise

Our team of experts can provide:

Product Preliminary Design

It is the primary phase where the product characteristics are precisely defined. Observations and conclusions from the research phase are then combined with the performance expectations to define functional requirements.

Design development as per standards and national codes

Depending upon the geolocation, our designers make sure that the product is fully compatible to use in the specific region and meets all mandatory standards.

Preliminary engineering calculations

Making preliminary engineering calculations before entering the modeling phase helps in eradicating unnecessary deviations induced by human error and makes the design and development processes hassle-free.

Engineering Design level Drawings

In this phase, aesthetic drawings/sketches are made to bring out the client’s ideas and wants. It encompasses describing plans, sections, and other vital parameters needed in the final design.

Material and off-shelf components selection and specification

This is a string of activities that involves reading the design requirements, analyze the material selection criteria and evaluate the materials compatibility to the operating parameters and adherence to the corresponding industry standards.

3D design and product rendering

Photorealistic 3D renders of a product’s model help our client to understand the design and provide feedback before going through the expense of a physical prototype.

Mechanical Design

Quickly evolving client ideas with accuracy into designs that are manufacturable and meet the highest standards.

Detailed Design and Shop Drawings

The shop drawing has more detail than the construction documents. It is made to explain the production and/or installation of the components/equipment to the manufacturer’s production team or contractor’s installation teams.

Trade Studies for Optimal Design

The key component of Quadrant engineering design development process is trade studies. We at Quadrant, analyze different variables in deciding on the most optimal technical solution amidst different potential solutions to match operational and system level requirements. It can profoundly help in mitigating risks and tackle probable constraints in advance.

DFMEA/DFA analysis

DFMEA (Design Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) focuses on finding potential design flaws and failures of components before they can make a significant impact on the end-users of a product and the distributors of the product. DFA is an integral part of Quadrant’s business process to reduce product assembly costs and minimize the number of assembly operations.

Tolerance Analysis

Several approaches used in product design to understand how imperfect the parts are manufactured, and in products as they are assembled, to make sure the capability of a product meets customer expectations.

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